DUSC x Samantha Rosette

Virtual Trainings Partnership Announcement

For me, soccer has always been about more than just playing. Growing up, every time I set foot on a field anywhere between Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, to Pier 40 in the Village, to the Armory in Brooklyn, I was reminded of all the untouched talent in New York City. More importantly, I was reminded of the need for improving access to high level, competitive training for ALL kids, regardless of their background. It has always been about growing the game (and access to it), and I am beyond excited to begin my partnership with DUSC as a Community Sponsor, specifically involved in their Soccer For All initiative to further this commitment. As a New York City native, former NCAA Division 1 player, and now professional player, I know what is required to get to that level. Through my own Community Conscious Coaching initiative, I have the opportunity to mentor, train, and guide NYC soccer players towards their goals, while improving access to organized, and high quality soccer for systemically underserved youth in their own city through DUSC. How will this be done? I will be a sponsor for the DUSC Soccer For All initiative, which provides scholarships to NYC youth to participate in DUSC. So, as you or your child trains and grows in the game, you are simultaneously growing access to the game for another child. I am so thankful to DUSC for the opportunity to work together and continue to grow the game in New York City. Let’s get training!


- Samantha Rosette