Community Impact

Since 1982, Downtown United Soccer Club has been a staple of the Downtown, Manhattan community. While our organization has certainly evolved over the years, the purpose has remained the same – to create a fun and competitive soccer environment rooted in community.

Community News

Soccer Recycle

Soccer Recycle

Soccer Recycle collects new and gently used soccer uniforms and redistributes them to needy programs around the world. We engage youth volunteers to promote social responsibility and foster a lifetime commitment to public service.

NYC Public Schools

The DUSC Public School program is very similar to our past program called City in the Community. In 2018, the NYCFC grant that was funding City in the Community expired; however, DUSC decided to continue to fund and deliver free after-school soccer to Public School students at P.S. 20 and P.S. 134. From 3pm-5pm, our coaches provide after-school classes that spread the love of soccer as well as educate students on a healthy lifestyle. Between the two locations, DUSC serves over 260 kids.

Our Coaches not only share the joy of soccer with new players to the game, but also the power of mindfulness towards a healthy lifestyle. The program stands as a wonderful reminder to keep active and practice healthy habits.

Sponsor Downtown United Soccer Club

One of DUSC Core Values is providing Soccer For All environments that are safe, fun places designed to meet the developmental needs of young players in NYC.   

Creating access to the game for all NYC youth regardless of the family income is a worthwhile endeavor – but it is not easy. It requires organizational commitment, lots of hard work and creative partnerships.

We look to you - our DUSC community -  to explore such collaborations. DUSC is seeking partners who can engage with us regarding both Community Sponsorships and Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities. 

If you work in or know of an organization that shares these values, please let us know.

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We have revamped our volunteer pipeline at DUSC to provide a clear pathway towards leadership in our organization. As you begin to spend more time with the club, we will offer you opportunities that require increased responsibility and leadership. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact

Dusc Volunteer Process

  • Step 1

    We receive an inquiry email.

  • Step 2

    We request a background check + volunteer form with a resume attached.

  • Step 3

    We receive the completed form.

  • Step 4

    Volunteer gets assigned to one of the following areas based on need and time spent with the club.

Available Roles

  • Field Set Up + Game Day Experience

    In this role, the volunteer will assist our Field Supervisors on weekends to create a more welcoming experience for our home matches.

  • Fundraising

    In this role, the volunteer can help organize and execute fundraising campaigns.

  • Event Management/Street Marketing

    In this role, the volunteer will complete the necessary jobs for a successful event.

    Example: If we are hosting a tournament, our volunteers can help with organizing on site stations. They would help select the station and then occupy it during competition.

    Example: Street Marketing at Street Festivals where we need extra staff to help engage with the community and talk about DUSC programming.

  • Coaching

    This role is the furthest step in the volunteer system left for volunteers who have established a strong relationship with us, or conversely, have a resume that proves their ability to coach. Regardless of potential previous work experience, we have a limited capacity for coaching staff and always reserve the right to maintain selectivity in this area.