Offered for players U9–U12, by invitation only. Managed by a professional coaching staff, our D League program is geared towards:

  • The D League can be a bridge from Recreation League to Academy program for those interested.
  • Players are gradually introduced to a more competitive environment and a greater commitment level.
  • Players and parents get to experience travel soccer at a local level within NYC with less commitment than our academy, if they so choose.


Scholarship Application (English, Spanish)





U9-U12 Format

  • Developing good technique

    Players from these ages have a special ability to learn. Therefore, this is the right age to work on specific soccer techniques and skills. Developing good technique is essential at this age.

  • Attacking, Defending & Passing

    1v1 and 2v1 attacking and defending situations are important to develop individual skills as well as the passing techniques to develop the necessary team game.

  • Small-Sided Games

    Small-sided games are used to develop basic attacking and defensive principles. Other important aspects of tactical training are possession, combination play, transition and finishing in the final third, as well as zonal defending. Players will rotate in two or three different positions to avoid early specialization.

  • Improving fundamentals

    Speed, coordination, balance and agility are the main physical aspects to improve at this stage.

  • Competitive Play Format

    Teams will compete in leagues with no scores or standings.  Our emphasis is on players improving, not winning games at this stage.


Returning players are assessed each year on the 3As (Attitude, Attendance + Ability).  The coach will make a determination whether a player should continue the following year.  

Players that have been selected for an additional tryout will be contacted via email to coordinate a second tryout date during a team training session. Those who don’t make the Academy are going to be invited to try-out for the D-league program. If players don't make any of these programs, they will receive an email that includes alternate soccer opportunities at DUSC where your child can improve his or her skills in an appropriate environment.

The fees cover a variety of program costs including but not limited to: professional coaching fees, referee fees, office/admin staff and administrative fees, equipment costs, field/gym rental space where applicable, etc. Club dues do not cover uniform fees.

  • The initial minimum deposit amount payable upon registration is non-refundable.

  • Prior to August 1st, any amount paid in excess of the minimum deposit is refundable.

  • After August 1st, if a player withdraws under extenuating circumstances with appropriate documentation (e.g. a doctor’s note in the case of the player’s illness or injury), then:

    • Unpaid future installments will be forgiven, and

    • Any amount paid in excess of the amount that would have been paid under the installment option is refundable.

All refunds are subject to a 15% processing fee deduction

ALL players are required to purchase new kits which include: Adidas home and away jersey, Adidas shorts and socks, two practice Adidas shirts, one practice Adidas shorts, Adidas sweat suit and Adidas backpack. 

DUSC is an inclusive community and offers financial assistance for players identified that show talent, commitment, and have need. For more information on our scholarship program, Vistit our contact us page

D League players train once a week in the fall, winter, and spring seasons. Unfortunately, practice days and times vary and are dependent on park permits. We will not have official times for practices until approximately one month prior to the season beginning. Also, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the day of the week will be the same from season to season due to permit availability.

We participate in the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League (CJSL) which is the local league affiliate of our state association.

For the outdoor season, we have permit space at Pier 40, JJ Walker, Chelsea Waterside, Chelsea Park, Gansevoort Peninsula, Governors Island, Randalls Island, Brooklyn Bridge Park among other locations for practice during the fall and spring. Games can vary due to method of competition on the weekends. Practice space in the winter months vary due to field permits and gym rentals and are throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and other parts of NYC.

Begins: September

Ends: May/June

All players are required to attend all practices and games throughout the year. We understand that there may be conflicts at times and ask that coaches be notified in advance with a reason why the child will be missing. A high percentage of attendance must be kept; otherwise players are in jeopardy of losing their spot. There is a waitlist for players in each of the age groups and we believe it is important for the development of the player to attend all practice sessions.

Unfortunately, we do not own our fields and we are at the mercy of the various permitting bodies and schools from which we rent facilities to release their final permits. We have a good idea of usage based on historic usage, but there are various tweaks which change our structure. Each season will probably be different in terms of the day(s) of the week and times for training for each respective team. We have different permits/rentals each season and have to try and accommodate the many teams we have within the club. Typically, Fall schedules will be released in July, Winter schedules are released in early December, and Spring schedules are released in February. Fields and gym space are one of the biggest challenges we face living in NYC.

Questions?  Contact us at info@dusc.net