Are you just starting out and want to learn new skills? Are you a seasoned player looking for repetition and refining one’s skills? Good news! For both types of players, Classes are a great way to participate at DUSC.

Classes are designed to improve a player’s fundamental soccer skills in a small group environment. All classes are taught by our professional coaching staff teaching the “DUSC Way”. Players may be split into groups based on ability.

DUSC remains committed to our Soccer For All values - financial aid will be available for those in need.


Select your skill level below to read more about our Classes offerings for this season!

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    Mini Ballers (Ages 3-5)

    This coed program is designed to teach fundamental soccer skills in a positive environment with the use of creative and fun-based games. We want players to become skilled in possessing the ball, while working on their balancing skills and coordination. We will help your little one build confidence, leadership and social skills while emphasizing teamwork!

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    General Classes (Ages 5-14)

    General classes focus on fundamental skills and fun, while building a foundation of technical proficiency for future growth in the game. Topics include: dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting and creativity.  

    • Dynamic warm up
    • Juggling/ball mastery
    • Topic of the week
    • Small sided games
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    (Ages 7-14)

    These classes focus on individual player development, with more depth in certain aspects of the game.

    • Goalkeeping:

      Focus on the technical aspects of today’s modern goalkeeper. Topics include: handling, positioning, reactions, footwork, hand-eye coordination, confidence.

    • Footworx:

      Players will learn how to be comfortable on the ball, create more time + options. Topics include: footwork, creativity, body positioning, first touch, vision, pass selection v. , positional awareness, 1v1.
    • Strikers:

      This is all about scoring goals! Players will learn shooting techniques, 1st touch, volleys, movement, body position, support play and more.
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    Create your own class with Squads!
    Squads offers your child the chance to play, learn and develop with a consistent group of neighbors, classmates, friends, or teammates throughout the week (day of your choice). Families will work together to create their own small, self-contained Squads with the power to collectively decide the training focus for the season, tailoring everything to the needs, skill levels, and interests of the players.

    • Level: Beginner to Advanced
    • Minimum Squad Number: 4 Players
    • Minimum of 5 Classes per Squad Booking
    • 4 Player Squads: $55 Class per Player
    • 5-8 Player Squads: $45 Class per Player

    Submit a request to create your own Squad with the request form below. Please note that DUSC may not be able to honor every request.



Select your skill level below to read more about our Classes offerings for this season!


Shared by our Players, Volunteers, Coaching Staff, Administration and Board

Classes are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced level for both co-ed and girls only classes with birth years 2000–15.  We offer advanced classes with more depth in certain areas.  (Please see the current schedule for more details.)

No. Our classes are designed to cater for all levels of experience. Players may be split up based on ability.

Our professional coaching staff will follow a 10 week curriculum, including; dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting and creativity.

Yes. We offer both coed and girls-only sessions

Classes are 55 minutes.

We aim to have a ratio of 1 coach to 10 players.  For our youngest classes, ratios may be lower for more individual attention as necessary.

We will play in the rain wherever possible, however, if the rain is torrential we will cancel. In addition, if rain is combined with low temperatures, we will cancel the session (especially for our younger players). Should we experience thunder or lightning we will cancel the session.

We will communicate at least 4 hours in advance of any session being cancelled. Classes are on as scheduled unless we communicate otherwise. Due to high volume, please do not call or email to ask if class is still on.

Yes. We will always offer a make-up date for cancelled classes. Sometimes classes are cancelled at short notice due to permitting issues or other constraints outside of our control. We will always communicate cancellations in advance; however, we thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter.

We ask that all children are accompanied by an adult during each class.

Players should bring a ball, water and shin guards. DUSC will provide each player with a T-Shirt that they should wear every week to class. 

Registration fee refunds will be processed:

  • when notice is given no less than 2 weeks prior to the player’s first scheduled attendance; or

  • after this date when there are extenuating circumstances and appropriate documentation is provided (e.g. a doctor’s note in the case of the player’s illness or injury) based upon the portion of the program missed on a pro-rata basis

All refunds are subject to a 15% processing fee deduction