Advanced Camps - Day

Advanced Camps have been designed by youth, college and international coaches to expose players to a camp environment in which they can take their game to the next level. Our Advanced Camps involve instructional sessions, strength training and conditioning, and video analysis in a structured training environment.

*Players must be participating in a travel or academy program currently in order to participate.


DUSC Advanced Camps focuses on the competitive nature of NYC Soccer and provides a fun and safe environment for kids to develop their abilities.  Dedicated players will learn from our staff of professional coaches in order to take their game to the next level.  Whether you’re looking to improve individually or bring your teammates along, Advanced Camp is the best way to strengthen your technical and fundamental soccer skills.

Advanced Camps - Day: Schedule

DateCampGenderBirth yearCheck-inCheck-outCost
June 26-June 30DayCoed2008–139:00 AM3:00 PM$645
July 3-7DayCoed2008–139:00 AM3:00 PM$516
July 10-14DayCoed2008–139:00 AM3:00 PM$645
July 17-21DayCoed2008–139:00 AM3:00 PM$645
July 24-28DayCoed2008–139:00 AM3:00 PM$645
July 31-August 4DayCoed2008–139:00 AM3:00 PM$645
August 7-11DayCoed2008–139:00 AM3:00 PM$645
August 14-18DayCoed2008–139:00 AM3:00 PM$645
August 21-23DayCoed2008–139:00 AM3:00 PM$645

Example Schedule

8:20–8:45 amCoaches set up the fields.
8:45–9:00 amPlayers check in.
9:00–9:10 amCamp opening and discussion on the day.
9:10–9:30 amRondo's/SAQ(Swich groups). Base on the topic.
9:30–9:50 amSAQ/Rondo's(switch groups). Base on the topic
9:50–11:00 amBreak
10:00–11:30 amTopic of the day.
11:30–12:00 pmFun games.
12:00–12:45 pmLunch.
12:45–1:00 pmRondo's with targets - set rotations.
1:00–1:50 pm2v2 +1, 2v2+2, 3v3+1, 3v3+2. Game-emphasis on the topic of the day.
2:00–3:00 pmGames.

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