Preparation the DUSC Way

Many of you are familiar with the I am DUSC book that can be found in the player resource page on the DUSC website. It is a player directed journal that will help prepare players on their journey as they develop, grow and hopefully become the best they can be — both on and off the field. It centers around 11 Character Strengths and their application in the game and in life.   

As the 2022-2023 DUSC campaign has kicked off with pre-season for our younger teams, I have been delighted to see our coaches once again creating a healthy and positive learning experience for our players.


This comes in the face of some challenges as registration, uniform orders, field permit changes and scheduling are all being finalized. Solving this in NYC's largest youth soccer organization is never easy so your patience and participation with the preparation of all the logistics and administrative work in order for players, coaches and families to start the season is greatly appreciated.  

As we forge ahead, the expectation is that we build upon this positive beginning and continue to get better every day.  In our All Staff meeting this week, we discussed some clear and simple means to consistently enhance the DUSC experience by being consummate team players.

One means to achieve this is to always incorporate the "I Am DUSC" Character Strengths into our daily sessions and matches.

The first character strength in the "I Am DUSC" player manual is Preparation.  As we guide and encourage our players to be prepared, it is imperative that DUSC coaches and staff model excellence in Preparation in our actions and behaviors. 

Player development in an organized environment is a key to nurturing a confident and skilled player. Considering we are based in downtown NYC, we realize that Preparation does not revolve around perfect spaces and surfaces, but rather purpose and clear functionality. Field and training arrangement helps to guide our players to play and practice. 


These are some reminders about excellence in preparation that were discussed in this week's meeting:

Have you arrived early and engaged with your physical environment prior to the session?

Is your space defined?  

Are the players DUSC backpacks neatly arranged? 

Does your warmup initiate a focused and player driven session? 

Are the extra soccer balls ready and available to keep session flow? Can you recognize the DUSC principles in all aspects of your training?

Are you in DUSC gear? 

Is your session plan written? 

Do you connect with each player before, during, and post each practice? 

Do you call each player out by name at least once per session? 


At DUSC, we believe Preparation is synonymous with a growth mindset. It is the belief and understanding that technical and tactical abilities can be developed. When players take stock of their equipment, think of how they should rest and eat before and after games, watch games on tv, practice on their own, they are resource priming -- using a clear and systematic way to prepare for the upcoming challenges on and off the field that activates their strengths and increases the likelihood that they will be successful and have a joyful, satisfying soccer experience.


This is the DUSC culture and how we prepare for success- #TheDUSCWay!