Preparation = Success

Many of you are familiar with the I am DUSC  book that can be found in the player resource page on the DUSC website. It is a player directed journal that will help prepare players on their journey as they develop, grow and hopefully become the best they can be — both on and off the field.
It centers around 11 Character Strengths and their application in the game and in life. DUSC will integrate these character strengths throughout the year by sharing them with the community and connecting them with our curriculum.
At DUSC, we believe Preparation is synonymous with a growth mindset. It is the belief and understanding that technical and tactical abilities can be developed. When players take stock of their equipment, think of how they should rest and eat before and after games, watch games on tv, practice on their own, they are resource priming -- using a clear and systematic way to prepare for the upcoming challenges on and off the field that activates their strengths and increases the likelihood that they will be successful and have a joyful, satisfying soccer experience.
There are other ways DUSC manifests Preparation into our player experience. In the aftermath of the NWSL scandal, we had parents thank us that DUSC is a safe place for girls and women's voices to be heard. Having women like Alex Keaney, Oumou Toure and Leanne Cambell in leadership positions as well as the most female coaches in NYC helps us be prepared to proactively respond to such issues and seek ways to constantly improve.
Finally, we keep score in soccer. Being prepared means you have a better opportunity to have a successful outcome when playing. This past weekend our Academy teams (2007-2013) traveled across the tri-state area and had great performances and many fantastic results due to preparation. (see below)
B2007 Blue: EDP Cup - Finalist
B2008 Blue: EDP Cup - Champion
B2008 Orange: EDP Cup - Finalist
B2009 Blue: EDP Cup - Champion
B2009 Orange: BK Italians Tournament - Champion
G2010 Orange: Northport Tournament - Finalist
B2011 Blue I: EDP Cup - Finalist
B2012 Blue I: BK Italians Tournament - Finalist
B2012 Blue II: BK Italians Tournament - Finalist
B2012 White: BK Italians Tournament - Finalist
G2012 Blue: Northport Tournament - Champion

B2013 White: BK Italians Tournament - Finalist

At DUSC we believe culture - character strengths like preparation - leads to winning outcomes.

Be Prepared! #TheDUSCWay