New Year at DUSC!

Dear DUSC Families, Friends and Supporters,

Last month I had the pleasure of sending out our DUSC Annual Report and reflecting on 2023 and all the great work done by our coaches and staff, as well as acknowledging the tremendous support we receive from our community.

Before we embark on the start of the new year, I first want to thank you again for being part of such an incredible year for DUSC. I have so much hope for the future of the club, knowing that individuals like you believe in the power of young people playing the beautiful game in an organization guided by our community-led values.

Now, I invite you to join me in kicking off 2024 and shaping the future of DUSC! All of our DUSC programing and planning are filtered through our values and we need you to continue and share your voice to strengthen and support our mission.

How can you do this? Respond to our surveys; become a Team Parent, make a donation or alert us to potential sponsors, inquire about how to volunteer for a matter how you help, your participation will provide insight on our current culture and is an essential part of driving toward a bold vision for the future of DUSC.

Most importantly, we will continue to empower our players and ensure that 2024 remains centered around their growth and development. We have already created initiatives that focus on providing ways for our players to raise their voice and collaborate and connect with their peers throughout the club - our inaugural Players Committee meeting was held in December, our HS age players were a part of community activism projects for Hudson River Park, initial age group mentor practice sessions have begun and all of this is just getting started.

Join us in encouraging your children to approach each DUSC day with joy and enthusiasm while pursuing their goals with passion and determination. Our success in 2024 will be measured in large part by the positive impact we have on our players - your daughters and sons.


While we know challenges will await us, we will approach them with the resilience of a club that has retained its community roots and spirit for over 40 years. DUSC is and always has been, a dynamic, scrappy, community club that thrives in the world's greatest city and has dreams that propel us forward both on and off the pitch.

I am eager to embark on our 2024 journey with you; one that we develop together with clear, consistent communication across our community and the actions each of us take every day.

Happy New Year!

Kevin McCarthy