DUSC May Giving 2023

Today we kick off DUSC May Giving, our fundraising campaign building towards our end of season celebration on June 8 at Governors Island.


As a community, we recognize that our DUSC players are the cornerstone of our success. We are committed to ensuring the well-being of our more than 1000 DUSC players and their families, not just on the field, but in all aspects of their lives. Our mission and values demand that we constantly seek safe, accessible field space, provide financial assistance to our families, and educate our coaches to provide exceptional mentoring, feedback, and support across all our programming.


With your financial support, we can deliver the necessary resources and skills our players, parents, and coaches need to be successful. Your donations strengthen our commitment to helping our community achieve success both on and off the field. Join us supporting the success of our players, families, and coaches by making a contribution today.


Together, during #DUSCMayGiving, we can create a culture of excellence that benefits our entire community. Thank you for your support.