Celebrating Black History Month the DUSC Way

Hello DUSC!

Many of you are familiar with the I am DUSC book that can be found in the player resource page on the DUSC website. It is a player directed journal that will help prepare players on their journey as they develop, grow and hopefully become the best they can be — both on and off the field.

It centers around 11 Character Strengths and their application in the game and in life. This month, DUSC will integrate one of these character strengths with our Anti Racism Resources also found on our Player Resource page.

February is Black History Month so we start by sharing clips of the movie '42' about Jackie Robinson, the player to break the color line in Major League Baseball and starring Chadwick Boseman.

Get Me Up – Jackie prepares himself to fight racism with professionalism and emotional control to win a game. 

How would you respond to an extremely dirty tackle or racist comment if it happened to you or a DUSC teammate?


We also chose this clip to honor Chadwick Boseman who passed away in 2020. Boseman also played The Black Panther and made a career of playing inspiring Black figures, including Jackie Robinson, James Brown and Thurgood Marshall.

Boseman had been directing a play in the East Village when he auditioned for '42', and was considering giving up acting and pursuing directing full-time at the time. About 25 other actors had been seriously considered for the role, but the director liked Boseman's bravery and cast him after he had auditioned twice. Like Jackie Robinson, Boseman was prepared and courageous in the pursuit of his dream. 

How would you react if you didn't make the DUSC team you tried out for or saw other players get an opportunity ahead of you?


At DUSC, we believe Preparation is synonymous with a growth mindset. It is the belief and understanding that technical and tactical abilities can be developed. When players take stock of their equipment, think of how they should rest and eat before and after games, watch games on tv, practice on their own, they are resource priming -- using a clear and systematic way to prepare for the upcoming challenges on and off the field that activates their strengths and increases the likelihood that they will be successful and have a joyful, satisfying soccer experience.


Be Prepared! TheDUSCWay!