3As & DUSC Select

As we progress through each season, the DUSC coaching staff evaluates all players based on the 3As (Attendance, Attitude, Ability). This evaluation is done for all teams to provide opportunities intended to accelerate a player's development. The 3As opportunities are accessible for all players and will be facilitated in several ways. For those excelling in their team environment, 3As opportunities will come in the form of training or playing up an age group and/or playing with an Orange or Blue team on select days. In addition, players may be invited to join "DUSC Select" which brings players together across multiple age groups for training and/or competition.

DUSC Select is led by our Technical Directors, Head Coaches and Director of Coaching, Paul O'Donnell.

DUSC Select

  • Player invites are based on the 3As criteria
  • Invitees will be fluid throughout the year

    Selection from previous training/competition does not guarantee invite for future opportunities

  • Offerings will happen at various points throughout with all players U9-U19 eligible for participation
  • Questions regarding these opportunities should be directed to the player's coach
3A's & DUSC Select (1)

Emphasizing aspiration, the DUSC player-centered approach places significance on feedback from both the coach and the player. Individual development is a dynamic process, and no player is guaranteed a permanent spot with DUSC Select opportunities. Similar to all our DUSC teams, we take pride in celebrating DUSC Select during significant events, such as games or tournaments, and these achievements will be prominently featured on our social media platforms.

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